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Shares Of Asset Managers Are Attractive Based On My Predictions For The Stock Market Between Now And 2018

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Nov. 14, 2014 1:46 PM ET  |  About: Investview Inc. (INVU), Includes: HNNA

Disclosure: The author is long INVU. Michael Markowski has owned shares of Investview since 2006 and does not currently hold any shares in Hennesy Advisors or any of the other public companies which reside in the Asset Management Industry. Additional information about Michael Markowski, including his 37 year career resume, articles including his predicting the catastrophe that would hit Lehman Brothers a year before its filed for bankruptcy and his discovery of The EPS Syndrome and development of a Financial Statement algorithm to diagnose it, are available at (More...)


  • I am recommending that shares of two micro cap asset managers, Investview (OTCBB:INVU) and Hennesy Advisors (NASDAQ:HNNA) .
  • The primary focus of this report is on Investview as it is transitioning its business model from the investor education industry to the asset management industry.
  • The successful recruiting of Jordan Kimmel was a brilliant move by Investview. Mr. Kimmel, who has deep credibility.

Shares of asset managers are attractive based on my predictions for the stock market between now and 2018

Two micro cap asset managers provide substantial long term capital gains opportunities.

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