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Scott Brown
VickreyBrown Investments, LLC

Mr. Brown is the former President & CEO of Sabrient Systems, LLC, 2009-May 2014.  While at Sabrient Systems Mr. Brown was responsible for leading the company's Baker's Dozen to the single largest UIT to date in January 2014 at $1.2 Billion.    Along with Donn Vickrey, Scott and his team delivered more than 18 UIT's to First Trust Portfolios and TS Capital with excellent performance.  At the time Scott left Sabrient to form VB Investments, he had led the firm to over $3 Billion in AUM.

Mr. Brown was responsible for the acquisition of Gradient Analytics, LLC in August 2011 and fulfilled his vision for the acquisition with the release of the Sabrient/Gradient Earnings Quality Rank (EQR) in 2013.

Scott successfully turned Sabrient around after generating significant losses in the first 12 years after being formed in late 2000 to a profit of over $3 million in 2014.

Mr. Brown's experience in the financial sector began in 1986 as Senior VP Marketing for Telescan, Inc.  Responsible for 20 consecutive quarters of 40%+ growth, Scott played a significant role in the exponential growth of the firm through 1996.  Following his tenure at Telescan, Inc., Mr. Brown co-founded Asset Growth Partners, LLC which acquired several financial service companies in 1997 and successfully sold them to Data Transmission Network (DTN) in 1999.  Mr. Brown also served as a Board member and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Free Real Time, Inc.  While at FRTI, Scott negotiated and completed the acquisition of Red Chip, Inc an equity research firm. 


Donn W. Vickrey, Ph.D., CPA, CFE 
Director of Research
VickreyBrown Investments, LLC

Dr. Donn Vickrey is Co-Founder of Verus Analytics, a Scottsdale, Arizona independent research firm that provides quantitative research for institutional investors. He is also a former tenured professor of accounting at the University of San Diego. Dr. Vickrey’s research focuses on quality of earnings, corporate insider trading behavior, and behavioral economics.

Dr. Vickrey is also the former Director of Research for Sabrient Systems, LLC (August 2011 - June 2014).  He was co-founder of Gradient Analytics which was acquired by Sabrient in 2011.  

Dr. Vickrey has developed several of the company’s key product offerings, including the first commercially available quantitative model for assessing quality of earnings at publicly traded companies and the models used by VB Investments.

While at Gradient, Dr. Vickrey developed and led the firm’s Earnings Quality Analytics research service. 1997 – 2005 Co-Founder, Equity Methods, LLC (acquired by Bank of America Corp.), Scottsdale, AZ. Equity Methods provides option valuation and compliance software and consulting services to end user companies and independent plan administrators.

Dr. Vickrey was also Co-Founder, Camelback Capital Advisors, LLC (acquired by Advanced Equities Financial Corp.), Scottsdale, AZ (1997-2005).  Camelback Capital Advisors managed three hedge funds and provided quantitative model building and investment sub-advisory services to other hedge fund and mutual fund managers.\


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